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Case Study On Best Practices for NBFC Sector

Internal Audit - I.P. Pasricha & Co

We are excited to share our success story of helping a leading #nbfc in conducting a thorough and effective #internalaudit.
Our client had been facing challenges in identifying and mitigating risks in their operations and complying with #regulatory requirements. They needed a comprehensive #internalaudit to assess their #internalcontrols, #financialreporting, #compliance, and #operationalefficiency.
Our #grc team with rich experience and knowledge of the sector, conducted a detailed and customized Internal Audit that covered all critical areas and identified the key risks and opportunities for improvement. Our audit approach involved a mix of automated tools and manual procedures, ensuring accuracy, objectivity, and relevance of findings.
We collaborated with our client’s management and stakeholders, understood their business objectives, identified the relevant laws and standards, and devised a risk-based audit plan. We also leveraged the latest technology and analytics tools to gather and analyze data, identify anomalies, and provide actionable insights.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced team of Internal Audit experts, we can help you with our comprehensive range of GRC services. Our team comprises of experts from various domains, who can provide customized solutions to address your specific risks and challenges.

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