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Analysis of a number of criteria, including the company’s financial statements, market position, competitors, growth prospects, and other pertinent data, is a component of valuation services. Several valuation techniques, including as discounted cash flow analysis, comparable business analysis, precedent transactions analysis, and asset-based valuation, may be used throughout the valuation process.

  • During a merger or acquisition, valuation services may assist firms in determining the fair market worth of a company or its assets. This information is critical for negotiating the terms of the transaction and ensuring that the price paid is fair and reasonable.
  • Additionally, businesses can use valuation services to comply with tax laws and reduce their tax obligations. Determining the tax basis of assets and liabilities and computing depreciation and amortisation require accurate valuation information.

I.P. Pasricha & Co. offers thorough valuation services to support our clients’ decision-making and risk management during transactions. Our team of experts combines the latest assessment methodologies and industry expertise to give our clients with accurate and dependable valuation information.

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