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Income Tax

An income tax service is a specialised professional service that offers guidance and support to individuals, families, and enterprises in the preparation, planning, and compliance with income tax laws. Income taxes are levied with the intention of bringing in money for the government to support a range of public services and initiatives.

Our professional comes from a wide range of backgrounds. They are well-equipped to work with our clients and serve as their advisors in a variety of their business operations thanks to their industry specialty, service line specialisation, and advanced training.


For individuals and companies to avoid disciplinary actions and financial penalties, compliance with income tax rules and regulations is essential. In order to be in compliance, one must fulfill all obligations for timely and accurate tax return submission and payment. Our skilled tax specialists are ready to provide assistance in the following areas in order to keep your adherence with your required returns, exposure, and documentary obligations.

  1. Return filing: Taxpayers must correctly and timely disclose their income, deductions, and credits on their tax returns. Penalties and interest may apply if a tax return is not filed at all or is filed after the deadline.
  2. Keep accurate records of your income, spending, deductions, and other transactions that are relevant to taxes. Effective record-keeping procedures may assist taxpayers in adhering to tax rules and regulations and can be a crucial resource in the event of an audit.
  3. Tax law observance: All applicable tax laws and rules must be followed by taxpayers. This entails remaining informed on adjustments to tax rules and regulations that may have an impact on their income tax liabilities.

We provide income tax compliance services at I.P. Pasricha & Co. to assist people and corporations in fulfilling their tax requirements.

Litigations & Representation:

Litigation and representation in relation to income tax refers to legal actions and representation before tax authorities and courts to settle disagreements over matters of income tax. Taxpayers may need to turn to litigation and representation if they are unable to address their income tax problems at assessing officer level.
The rights and interests of the client are defended in the tax system as part of I.P. Pasricha’s litigation and representation services, and tax-related conflicts are resolved as favorably as feasible.

A few important elements of income tax litigation and representation are listed below:

  1. Dispute resolution: Taxpayers may start a dispute resolution procedure if they disagree with the tax authorities about their income tax obligations or other tax-related issues.
  2. Representation: Taxpayers may hire us to represent them in the dispute resolution processes. The representative can help with case preparation, argument delivery, and settlement negotiations.
  3. Appeals & appellate authorities: Taxpayers may also contest the tax authority’s judgment by addressing a higher administrative body, such as the Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals) and ITAT (Income Tax Appellate Tribunal).

Our goal is to assist taxpayers in reaching an equitable agreement with their income tax issues so they may stay out of trouble on the legal and financial fronts.


At I.P. Pasricha & Co, we offer excellent income tax advisory and compliance services together with powerful tactics. We offer tax assistance to businesses as well as to enterprises, people, etc. In accordance with the facts and circumstances of the client, we build and implement tax planning solutions as efficiently as possible.

The company’s income tax advisory services probably consist of:

  1. Tax planning and optimization: Our organisation can assist customers in creating a tax strategy that reduces their tax obligation and increases their potential to save money on taxes. This may entail locating tax breaks and credits, investigating tax-effective investments, and comparing various tax arrangements for corporations.
  2. Conformity and reporting: Our organisation can help customers with the necessary preparation and filing of tax returns, as well as responding to audits and making sure they are in compliance with all applicable tax regulations.
  3. Transfer pricing: If our clients are involved in cross-border transactions with their group firms, our business may assist them in adhering to Indian transfer pricing laws. This can entail helping customers create transfer pricing documents and perform benchmarking studies.
  4. Counsel before taxing authorities: In the case of a tax dispute, our business can offer representation to help customers work out a solution with the taxing authorities. This might entail submitting appeals and defending clients before the courts or appellate bodies.

Our firm’s objective is to give clients individualised guidance and plans that enable them to meet their financial objectives while adhering to Indian tax regulations.

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