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IND-AS conversion

The process of converting a company’s financial statements from its current accounting standards to IND-AS is known as IND-AS conversion. Indian businesses have embraced IND-AS, a set of accounting rules that are similar to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), for use in financial reporting.

The process of converting to IND-AS often entails a thorough review of the business’s current accounting rules and practises as well as a comparison of those policies and practises with IND-AS. To achieve IND-AS compliance, the organization might need to make modifications to its accounting rules, systems, and procedures.

In order to increase a company’s credibility and reputation with investors and other stakeholders, I.P. Pasricha & Co aims to make sure that its financial statements are accurate, open, and compliant with the new accounting standards. This helps us to enhance financial reporting’s- comparability, uniformity, and transparency, which helps to boost investor trust and encourage wiser choices.

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