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Lothar Ernst Soliwon

Associate Partner- USA

About Lothar

Lothar is a marketing and business development consultant and subject matter expert in this field. He has a successful career of over 40 years and has worked with clients across the USA and in other countries. He holds an undergraduate degree in liberal arts and an MBA and Master of Social Sciences from the University of Illinois. Lothar is currently helping IPPC Group to expand its business in the US by utilizing his expertise in marketing and business development. He is focusing on promoting accounting outsourcing and tax return services to potential clients and creating a stronger brand presence in the market. He is also a member of various associations, including the Global Chamber. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Lothar is committed to providing strategic guidance to organizations and helping them achieve their business goals.

Outside of work, Lothar has a keen interest in fitness, reading, economics, and history. He has authored a book called Business Adviser’s Consulting & Coaching (with a Spanish edition available) and co-authored Looking Beyond the Business.

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