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Implementing IFRS Conversion
Audit and Assurance 13

Implementing IFRS Conversion

The #textile #sector is a highly competitive and constantly evolving industry. The global nature of the industry and its complex supply chains require standardized accounting practices to ensure comparability and consistency in financial reporting. Implementing International Financial Reporting Standards #ifrs is critical for textile companies to stay competitive and meet international accounting standards. Our #client,...

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Fraud Prevention
Audit and Assurance 13

Fraud Prevention & Setting up Fraud Control Unit

Our #client , a leading #fintech company, was facing #challenges in #fraud prevention and control. They were experiencing high instances of fraud, which impacted their financial stability and reputation. Their existing fraud prevention and control systems were not adequate, and they lacked the necessary expertise to address the issue effectively. The IPPC Group’s Fraud Control...

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Housing Finance Company
Audit and Assurance 13

Implementation of IND-AS in Housing Finance Company

#HousingFinanceCompanies (HFCs) play a crucial role in the Indian economy by providing affordable housing finance to people. The implementation of Indian Accounting Standards (IND-AS) has significantly impacted the #hfc #sector , requiring them to follow new guidelines and disclosure requirements. Our client, a leading #hfc , was facing #challenges in implementing IND-AS. The primary issues...

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